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Sydney Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaners

Carpet Cleaning in Sydney by ACCI is the elite carpet cleaning arm of the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute

We have been providing carpet cleaning training and certification to the carpet cleaning industry for over two decades, so who else would you trust to get it right for you and your carpets.

You can shop all you want but we simply clean carpets better…Guaranteed.

We are so confident in our carpet cleaning expertise that;

"if it's not the best carpet clean you have ever seen then it's free !"

The carpet cleaning industry in Sydney and throughout Australia is unregulated which means it's extremely confusing for consumers to find a carpet cleaner they can trust to clean their carpet, upholstery and leather correctly.

As Australia's premier carpet cleaning business mentoring and training organization we understand that our whole reason for existing is to excel in our trade, teach others who are as passionate about top quality carpet cleaning results to do the same, and contribute to the development of world class carpet cleaning equipment and technology.

After nearly 40 years in the carpet cleaning business in Sydney and all over Australia, our founder and CEO, Leo Powell, has a long and extensive history of creating industry advancements in carpet cleaning processes and educational training courses designed to lift industry standards and practices to the next level.

Sydney Carpet Cleaning by ACCI is a working example of those advancements in technology and serves as a shining example to other carpet cleaners about the results that can be achieved when you combine the best cleaning processes, equipment and training. Our carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, leather cleaning, mattress cleaning and silk cleaning services in Sydney produce results that are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Beyond specialized cleaning for all fiber types we additionally offer world class Guardian carpet and furniture protection, which when applied by our professional ACCI certified technicians achieves the greatest stain resistance possible on any fabric!

So call us now and see for yourself - awesome carpet cleaning in Sydney is only a phone call away! 43222652

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