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Carpet Cleaning Sydney & Rug Cleaners Sydney

Experience a level of cleaning for carpets or rugs in Sydney homes and offices that you’ve never had before! You can rest assured of receiving absolutely top quality carpet cleaning and rug cleaning results as your rugs & carpets will be cleaned by the same instructors who teach our carpet cleaners training course to industry professionals in Sydney and throughout Australia!

North Sydney Carpet Cleaning

We are specialists at cleaning rugs and carpet in Sydney for delicate fabrics like silk and wool, using chemicals which are 100% safe for pets, humans and the environment, and that are in the correct PH range required for these expensive fibers.


Gosford Rug Cleaners Sydney

Machine made carpet & rugs using polypropylene, polyfluorene, nylon or acrylic are also no trouble for expert carpet cleaners as we know how to apply the exact techniques required. Our industry leading rug cleaning process is combined with the latest carpet cleaning machines in order to produce brilliant cleaning results in Sydney every time!


Sydney Carpet Cleaning Darling Point

If your carpet or rug has lost its shine, the colour is looking dull, or over time has developed some unsightly stains and soiling, then call our Sydney carpet and rug cleaners today and rest assured that we'll have your fibers looking good as new! Our residential and commercial cleaners in Sydney are renowned for their attention to detail when cleaning rugs and carpets, which is what every client wants, so this is what we do:


Mosman Carpet Cleaners Sydney


When you call us to inquire about our carpet cleaning service, we will answer all your questions in a prompt, polite and respectful manner. The information you receive will be correct and honest, using words you can understand. We’ll book in a scheduled time to clean your rugs and carpets that suits you and we’ll even contact you the day before your cleaning appointment to remind you we'll be coming to visit!


Piper Point Rug Cleaners Sydney


Our fully trained and immaculately presented ACCI technicians will turn up at your house for your carpet cleaning appointment on time, and greet you with our friendly smile. Before we enter your Sydney home and start our thorough fiber restoration process, we’ll place our protective mat down just to make sure no more soil enters your carpets from outside. While inside your house from start to finish of performing our Sydney carpet cleaning or rug cleaning service, we wear protective shoe covers to prevent any soils loosened up from being dragged around.


Our cleaning process starts with a complete inspection of the rugs or carpets to be cleaned to fully understand your needs and expectations, and learn about the types and causes of any soils you are concerned about. Next we professionally vacuum all carpets and rugs before cleaning them, using a medical grade vacuum filter. Even if you've vacuumed yourself before we got there, we'll often see a noticeable difference from vacuuming alone due to the amount of dry particulate our vacuums can remove from the carpets and rugs. After vacuuming has completed we conduct the most thorough low moisture carpet cleaning and rug cleaning available anywhere in Sydney, using the latest advancements in carpet cleaning technologies and only safe chemicals which cause no harm to pets, humans or the environment.


After our carpet cleaning service has finished working its magic, our technicians will replace as much furniture as possible and place tabs or blocks under upholstery so your clean carpets or rugs won’t be marked by furniture stains. We’ll then go through our ‘Checklist’ with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the results we've achieved. Then we’ll supply you with “Shoe Covers” allowing you to walk on your freshly cleaned carpet straight away, without worrying about marking it.


And within 48 hours after your carpet cleaning or rug cleaning experience we’ll call you just to make sure you’ve been completely satisfied!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Sydney


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Sydney

From commercial carpet cleaning in Sydney for clubs and motels, Sydney office carpet cleaning, retail shops and skyscrapers - if you want the best quality commercial carpet cleaning in Sydney there's only one option and that's our expert Sydney carpet cleaners from the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Sydney


Our Sydney commercial carpet cleaning service will:


  • deliver the best quality commercial carpet cleaning in Sydney, every time, 100% guaranteed,
  • keep your Sydney office carpets cleaner for longer than any other commercial carpet cleaning method,
  • reduce your business's carpet cleaning costs over the long term as you simply won't need to have your office carpets cleaned as often,
  • reduce wear and tear thereby increasing the lifespan of your commercial carpets through our world class Sydney commercial carpet cleaning service.


Sydney Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Call our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Sydney professionals now on 43222652 and rest assured that you'll never have to worry about the state of your office carpets ever again, as your commercial carpets will be cleaned by the same carpet cleaning instructors who have been teaching residential and commercial carpet cleaners throughout Australia & the USA their trade for over two decades!

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